Stories from real people on how cheerleading changed their life!

WILDCATS Cheer Pride some Youth girls with Coach Taylor 2012-2013

The following are real stories from real parents of cheerleaders. If you take the time to read the stories I guarantee you will be moved on the amount of change these girls have experienced simply from joining a cheer team :) Names have been eliminated to protect the identity of the girls.

From a parent of one of our athletes after her very first year of cheerleading:

She was a super good baby and is a good girl still but always very quiet. She never had many friends and has always preferred to be alone. We have had problems with her focus and keeping interest in things like school and activities. She never got excited about anything. I have seen kids pick on her and her just walk away and never say a word. Nothing ever seemed to bothered her either. We decided to sign her up for floor hockey. She wasn’t interested in that either. Turns out when her coach tried to put her in the game, she was nowhere to be found. He would actually go look for her. I have never seen a coach do that anyway she would be in the hall doing cartwheels. He told us to bring her by his gym which was paired with all star cheerleading. We did and she has been in love with WILDCATS and cheer ever since. They change in her has been so dramatic. I get emotional even thinking about it. I never thought we would be involved with anything like this but it has changed her life and our relationship with her.


Another athlete of ours that has been with us for three years:

She has tried many sports, clubs, and extra curricular activities.  Inevitably, she did not commit the necessary time nor effort to any of these.  Then, she joined cheerleading.  In the past 3 years, not only have we witnessed a high level of committment, work ethic, effort, and fortitude, but we also saw her develop strong leadership skills.  I think these positive attributes were developed through a combination of good coaching, accountability to her team and from the self respect needed to endure the physical component of cheerleading.  Cheerleading has definitely built and developed character in our daughter.


The stories from these parent truly give me a new love for my job and we do as coaches. As I receive more stories I will share :)