Power of a Positive Attitude: Fighting through a Mental Block

Tonight as a coach I witnessed what skill progression really creates. We had an athlete  that worked endlessly on PERFECTING each and every skill she had. She fought through a mental block of a back tuck and ended up pushing further than she ever thought possible I am sure. She worked hard on technique of her tucks, layouts, and fulls on the air trak and trampoline but the floor was used strictly for handsprings in her case. Tonight she went in with a positive attitude- continued her fight with her mental block on round off back handspring tucks and rocked them! To further her progress she decided to try a layout. She worked technique on the equipment went to the floor and tried it (never spotted). She had tried fulls on the equipment before so she went back did a couple and decided it couldn’t be much different. So she went to the floor and DID her round off back handspring full ALONE on the floor. No one “stood there” no one spotted..she just did it. That is true skill progression. Now I don’t expect every athlete to just go and throw their next higher skill, but the moral of the story is, when a coach tells you repeatedly to just do it…it is for good reason. Learning skills through progressions and independent work is amazing. Having no prior feeling of being spotted on a skills creates independence and mental strength in everything you do. So from this story I want our athletes to learn. Learn that YOU can do anything you set your mind to..and that Fear has no strength against an athlete with determination.

I want any athlete who has a fear holding them back from greatness to keep this story in mind. Once again just more and more reasons I love my job- it is awesome to see young people learn such powerful life lessons.

2 thoughts on “Power of a Positive Attitude: Fighting through a Mental Block

  1. So important!
    Mindset really is key, and we often teach specifically on the science and methods behind it. Its not just about overcoming mental blocks- its about overcoming anything. Remember that when anyone doubts you (including yourself). If you don’t know our story, the summary is that when we were in 6th grade, someone said to Andrea: “You can’t tryout for cheerleader. You’re a blindy.” Yes, she is blind, but she never lost vision. We both went on to cheer just because of that comment and later at The University of Texas, as NCA instructors, and Andrea- the one who they called “Blindy,” is in the USASF Hall of Fame. Simply because they doubted…. and we got to CHOOSE the right mindset. You have the exact same choice.:)
    Nice post and great Focus on such a key topic:) ~ @AlyAndrea

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