Allstar Cheerleading is Changing Lives of Special Needs Children

Last weekend my allstar teams and I headed out to Chicago for JAMBrands GLCC Nationals event. The weekend was hectic but as always was an awesome experience and the teams did great. While I was there I had the pleasure of watching many special needs teams take the floor. This wasn’t the first time I had seen a program have a special needs team- as they are very popular in the allstar world- but it was the first time I had really appreciated the hard work and amazing opportunity these programs were giving children with special needs. In fact, it brought me to tears. The USASF has a division for competitions all its own for the special needs programs and if nothing else, if cheerleading never is respected as a sport, I hope it is at least respected for what it does- gives young people- no matter who- a feeling of purpose, drive, passion, and excitement.

Special Squad- Extraordinary Cheerleading

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